1° Place

The first-place prize of the whole competition will be a 3D Printed model of an entire aeronautical Turbofan.


The engine is 50 cm long, with a wide cross-section on its side in order to show the compressor and the combustion chamber.


The engine will be delivered pre-assembled and complete with all the bearings that allow the rotors to actually move.


2° & 3° Place

He is AstroGiggi, the little tiny astronaut that, every month, recount the backstage of the adventures of the Local Board of EUROAVIA Napoli through the Newsletter.

  • The second-place prize will be a 3D version of our AstroGiggi!

  • The third-place prize will be a 70% version of the same AstroGiggi.

They will be a white version, so you can paint them however you want.

All the awards are made by one of our dearest Partners: Officine Detry is a creative laboratory for the design and use of 3D printers, through this production technology they can recreate and invent a large number of objects that can have both an aesthetic function what a practical function.

To visit the Officine Detry Facebook page click on their logo.

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