Leadership Workshop Diary

Saturday 26/11: Meeting with Sponsors

During this day, the participants and the trainers have personally met most of those who have made possible this fantastic event. After presenting their companies and projects, they have released all their impressions on Leadership WORKSHOP: "Great initiative. It's...

Friday 25/11: Meeting with Antonio Moccia

It is a very important day: the Leadership WORKSHOP was attended by the director of the department of Industrial Engineering of the Federico II, Antonio Moccia. He says: "When I saw so many young people from different countries, demonstrating also in the look and in...

Thursday 24/11: Meeting with Synergie

On Thursday 24/11/2016 there was the first meeting with one of the sponsors of LeWo: Synergie Italia decides to intervene, giving many gadgets...

First Day : Participants Arrive

On the first day of this event it's obvious the great emotion that circulates among the trainers and organizers. The entire day is spent waiting for the arrival of all the participants, which are warmly welcomed by the organizers in Ideal Hotel. Participants appear...

UniNa Rocket 2018

  • The first EUROAVIA Internal Train-The-Trainer Event
  •  8 intensive days in Napoli, Italy from 21 to 30 November 2016
  •  Preparing 20 internal designated trainers
  •  Contents: how to train leaders, training delivery, soft skills, leadership, project management, knowledge transfer


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