International Events

EUROAVIA International Events

The first EUROAVIA Local Board gathered together the aerospace students at the Delft Technology University in the far 1959. During the following half century EUROAVIA spreaded all over the world, landing on the shores of four different continents. To mantain the no-frontiers spirit of this association, every year somewhere in the world there is an EUROAVIAn’s Local Board managing an international event, to let people from other countries come and take part to the every day life of the local association. These special moments (usually lasting one week) aren’t just “International Events and Workshop”; they are a chance for our members to meet someone new and open your mind toward different cultures, philosophies and way of thinking. So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of the events listed below and get ready to become a World’s citizen enlarging your frontiers to outer space!


the worldwide situation and the spreading of COVID-19 hindes our Local Board from organizing Local and International Events. But no disease can stop passion. That’s why we are currently organizing many online conferences using the Microsoft Teams platform. To stay updated, go to the page linked in the button below, where you can find the upcoming conferences and how to join them. We wish you and your families to stay healthy and safe until our lives come back to normality.


If you want to partecipate to one of the events listed below, please contact the EUROAVIA Napoli’s Local Board or visit the EUROAVIA official page of the Board which is managing that specific event.

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