The Innovation and Development Working Group (IDWG) raised with the primary goal to reinforce and improve the structure of EUROAVIA, bringing new visions and innovative solutions as results of creative ideas from EUROAVIAns.

Contents and Structures

Innovation and Development Unit
This unit will works as a R&D department, which will study ideas and their feasibility and try to implement their benefits for the association.

Currently, the EUROAVIA Internal Training System (EITS) is the first main project of this Innovation and Development Unit.

EUROAVIA Internal Training System

The EUROAVIA Internal Training System (EITS) aims to develop, improve and implement an internal training system with internal EUROAVIA trainers and internal material about Soft, Leadership and Management skills for EUROAVIAn leaders and members.

In addition to that, the EITS unit will take care of young and uprising trainers and establish a regular cycle process to ensure knowledge transfer. This would help new leaders to achieve efficiently and purposefully EUROAVIA targets and strategies in all levels.


Personal Development Qualifications

Performance Productivity Attractiveness

More Qualified Young Employees

Partnership with other NGOs

ID WG has a plan of action, put into practice in the summer of last year. It’s divided in three phases, aimed to achieve all its objectives.

a) The first phase is based on the creation and adjustment for EUROAVIA use of an internal unified manual about Soft, Leadership and Management. This Manual will be the internal Knowledge material source, which will be updated in the future, upgraded and transferred to the upcoming leaders and trainers during coming Formation Workshops and other EUROAVIA events.

This phase will be accomplished by all ID WG tutors with the following sub-processes:

IDWG Workshop during the ILA Flyin in Berlin

b) another task of the EITS Unit, completely necessary to accomplish its objectives, is the search for experienced trainers prepared to transfer their knowledge about leadership and project management in the form of soft skills, so the ID WG tutors would acquire experience in this field, not only for personal development but also to continue the process by training a new generation of leaders.
In the second phase of the project, the first generation of trainers, first EUROAVIA Train-the-Trainers Event (Leadership Workshop) takes place.

Following is the core process of the EUROAVIA Internal Training System, which can be schematized as in the picture on the right.

c) The third phase of the project will be about establishing regular cycle process to ensure the knowledge transfer from the current trainers generation to the next one. The EITS Unit will define internal teams, which will take the responsibility to organize and coordinate the upcoming internal trainers with all related needs and topics.

EITS sustainable cycle

UniNa Rocket 2018

  • The first EUROAVIA Internal Train-The-Trainer Event
  •  8 intensive days in Napoli, Italy from 21 to 30 November 2016
  •  Preparing 20 internal designated trainers
  •  Contents: how to train leaders, training delivery, soft skills, leadership, project management, knowledge transfer


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