Challenge for Design

Build the wings of your racing car

  • The first EUROAVIA Napoli Racing Car Workshop;
  •  from the 26th of February to the 7th of March 2021;
  •  Preparing 30  internal designated students, divided into teams;
  • Contents: aerodynamic of the vehicle, downforce of the ailerons, basic use of Ansys.


The Challenge for Design event is a workshop about aerospace and mechanical engineering, with special regards to the design and analysis of the wings of a racing car.

The 30 participants will prove both their soft and hard skills. The event program follows:

  • 26/02 – Introduction to the event;
  • 27/02Basic theory lessons, the course will include aerodynamic, general knowledge about motorsport, and the basic knowledge about CFD with Ansys.
  • 02/03 – Technical Support;
  • 05/03 – Deliver of the final Report;
  • 07/03 – Final day 

Challenge for Design 2021 Schedule 

Click the image and learn more about Challenge for Design 2021 schedule.


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