it is a pleasure for me to explain to you our last cultural exchange. Indeed, AS Napoli hosted four German EUROAVIAns from the 20th to the 25th April 2015.

A cultural exchange is a moment that gives the possibility to share customs, habits, experiences and ideas but also emotions, fun and good time to remember and last but not least to share our passion for aerospace sector.

Therefore, we decided to organize those days in two parts: the first one was based on the visit of the city of Naples and the introduction of its customs and traditions to our German friends, the second one focused on expounding the potentiality of Campania in the aerospace field.

Naples is abundant of places to see, so it was very difficult to choose which spot to visit and what no. Hence, we had a hike on Vesuvius, we explored the Roman ruins of Herculaneum, the main streets and attractions of the city and also its underground. In those days the guys tasted some typical foods like the Neapolitan pizza and some desserts like Baba’.

The second part of the cultural exchange included visits to the Campania excellences in aerospace research field.

Therefore, we spent a day at CIRA (Italian Centre for Aerospace Research) that was founded in 1984 to manage “PRORA”, the Italian Aerospace Research Program, and uphold Italy’s leadership in Aeronautics and Space. CIRA is proud of own unique facilities that are sought by global users including agencies, organizations and industries from the USA, Europe and China, including – to name but a few – Boeing, ESA and the Chinese Science Academy. We have given attention especially to the Icing Wind Tunnel (IWT) created to study the effects of formation of ice on critical points of the aircraft and the Plasma Wind Tunnel (PWT) designed to study and improve the flight safety of spacecraft in the crucial phase of high-speed re-entry from orbit.

We enjoyed a day in our university laboratories like that of UAS (UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS), where the students experimented flying drones.

Then, we went to Capodichino Airport to visit the ATCT (Air Traffic Control Tower) and where we attended some landings and some explanations about the air traffic control crew. Luckily, an exhibition of “FrecceTricolori” was expected that day, so we saw it from the Tower with a great view, living a unique experience.

This cultural exchange was also characterized by moments of fun and joy. In particular, we spent the last night at an Erasmus party to celebrate it.

We a had a wonderful time, full of emotions that surely we will remember, to sum up. I can only suggest participating in these events that are excellent possibilities to know new culture and to test your knowledge of other languages. At the beginning of these events the relations are cold, but in a few days you end up to be real friends and this is great.

Luigi Avallone Local member, AS Napoli

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