Confirmed Participants

First NameSecond NameAS/PPASConfirmed
Johannes Brommer AS Stuttgart Yes
Andreea Sfia AS Bucuresti Yes
George Cristian Simion AS Bucuresti Yes
Sara Gaglione AS Napoli Yes
Octav Alexan AS Bucuresti Yes
Gero Förster AS Bremen Yes
Mark Niklas Müller AS Stuttgart Yes
David Laiser AS Stuttgart Yes
Vladislav Andrijako PPAS Glasgow Yes
Adnan Muslic AS Munich Yes
Razvan Florin Patcas AS Cluj Napoca Yes
Bianca Moldovanu AS Bucharest Yes
Belal Zahda AS Berlin Yes
Gunnar Quante AS Braunschweig Yes
Bianca-Anamaria Bendas AS Bucharest Yes
Paul Ghiran AS Cluj-Napoca Yes
George Andrei Tecușan AS Bucharest Yes

UniNa Rocket 2018

  • The first EUROAVIA Internal Train-The-Trainer Event
  •  8 intensive days in Napoli, Italy from 21 to 30 November 2016
  •  Preparing 20 internal designated trainers
  •  Contents: how to train leaders, training delivery, soft skills, leadership, project management, knowledge transfer


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